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What is ProjectVia.net ?

ProjectVia.net is web based environment for project management in SME’s (small and medium enterprises). ProjectVia.net is developed in Java technology and is based on JCorporate Expresso® framework.

ProjectVia.net is easy to install
(37 Mb in a single deployable war file) Convince yourself how easy is to install ProjectVia.net. Click here [pdf] for installation instructions. Click on the picture below to go on download page.


Click to do to download page!


Why use ProjectVia.net ?

ProjectVia.net is highly customizable project management environment, capable of simultaneously managing several projects. Different types of projects can be management, for example:

  • Projects available to everyone
  • Projects available to (self) registered users only
  • Internal project available to selected group of members

ProjectVia.net is component based web application currently supporting following major components:

  • Document management system (DMS) with features like: version control, locking, search, etc.
  • News system, with features like: sticky news, RSS news, predefined publication, etc.
  • Forum, supporting themes, threads, emotions, etc.
  • Calendar, supporting events, tasks, personal and project calendar view, etc.
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Workflows within a project


ProjectVia.net is based on latest technologies

  • 100% Java based
  • MVC based, capable to presents same information in different views (standard, XML, Excel, etc.)
  • Multilingual (UTF-8, English, German, Slovene interfaces available)
  • Open source software based
  • Supports open standards (XHTML, CSS, XML, JDBC, UTF-8, …)
  • Component based - can be extended & upgraded

Interested in ProjectVia.net technologies? Contact us!


New and improved features in 0.9.1

30+ features and bug fixes have been added in 0.9.1 release. Some major improvements include:

  • Spanish interface available
  • WYSIWYG advanced editors in eDocs and eNews
  • 20+ minor bugs removed
  • Several user interface improvements and simplifications

New and improved features in 0.8.10

100+ features and bug fixes have been added in 0.8.10 release. Some major improvements include:

  • Simplified and improved installer
  • New desktop themes
  • Improved and simplified user interface
  • German interface version available
  • Sticky news function


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Check out ...
You can test the latest release of ProjectVia.net. (login as register/register)


- Pentium 3 or later
- 200 Mb disk space
- 256 Mb ram

- Servlet 2.2 container
- JDBC capable database

ProjectVia.net is 100% Java Based!

ProjectVia.net® is based on JCorporate Expresso® technology and is released under BSD license; for more information on licensing, consult the official OSI page. See ProjectVia.net license here!

Quick reference
See ProjectVia.net in action here!

You need help for installing ProjectVia.net? Click here.

Visit the ProjectVia.net development at Sourceforge.

Visit the support page for instructions about installing, customizing or extending ProjectVia.net.


We are in permanent search for new ProjectVia.net testers, co-developers, core developers and Expresso® developers.

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ProjectVia.net was developed within Phare CBC SLO-A 2002 programme.
Name of the project: eProjekti (see picture below!).